Chocolate, Flags, and More Renovations…

Almond Blossoms at Fonte Martino... Ciao a tutti! Spring has sprung in beautiful Tuscany and it is wonderful to see nature waking up from its slumber.  Our new cherry and almond trees are in full bloom and the seedlings in the greenhouse continue to amaze.  The marigolds and alyssum are already flowering and the [...]

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Happy Birthday Fonte Martino!

42 Lavender plants planted along the driveway... Ciao Amici!  So much is happening at Fonte Martino, it’s truly wonderful!  Even though it’s only February, Spring has sprung and we are having lovely warmer days filled with lots of sunlight. Valentine’s Day is a special day full of love and not to mention, Toby’s mom’s [...]

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Glass, Wood, and Concrete…

Glass - The new greenhouse at Fonte Martino... We hope you enjoyed your holiday season!  We had a nice visit back in the States with family and friends over Christmas and spent a wonderful time in Piazza Grande with dear friends to bring in the New Year! So much change is happening at Fonte [...]

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The Cortona Suite and The Siena Suite

Ciao! We had a lot happen this past week at Fonte Martino.  Work has officially begun on The Cortona Suite and The Siena Suite and we are more than pleased to say that we are on schedule for our Spring 2019 opening! This past Tuesday, vehicle after vehicle appeared at Fonte Martino!  Construction supplies and machinery [...]

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Fonte Martino Renovation Update – Part 1: The Grounds

We have been really busy here at Fonte Martino working toward our Spring 2019 opening!  We are very excited to share with you some of our renovation updates!  Because we have a lot to tell you, we decided to break it down into a couple of blog postings.  To start, we want to give an update [...]

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Ellen’s Door and the Little Visitor…

It’s now the end of October 2017 and we are about to see the renovation progress on Fonte Martino for the first time since July.  However, before we get to that, we have been teasing you about a secret that we are going to announce.  Well, mark your calendars, on Thursday, April 12th, we will be [...]

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You Need Plums to do a Renovation!

It’s July 2017 and we are able to finally see the renovation progress at Fonte Martino!  Before we talk about that…we had an amazing experience the first few days we arrived, but unfortunately, we can’t tell you about that – YET!  Remember, there is something very exciting that we must keep a secret, but will let [...]

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Jackhammers and Demolition – Let the Renovation Begin!

Jackhammer vs. Walls Sorry it’s been a while since our last post…we were visiting Fonte Martino to see how the renovation was going.  There is still a lot of our story to tell before we arrive to present day (David is rolling his eyes because I can draw out a story), so to recap [...]

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