Ciao a tutti and Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a lovely Holiday Season.  The Christmas Market was so festive and our guests just loved it!

fonte martino courtyard before

Before: This is the 2018 photo of what is now our Italian Courtyard at Fonte Martino…

It has been a while since our last blog posting and have we been busy!  It has been an amazing past several months for us running our bed and breakfast in Montepulciano and we will try to catch you up on some of the highlights.

Last Spring was unseasonably rainy for our part of Tuscany, which is normally full of sun.  Sadly, we had many delays with the renovation and landscaping.  It is never comforting when your architect and landscapers show up and just shake their heads and say “Disastro!” (disaster).  This was not very encouraging, especially with the clock ticking down until we welcomed our first guests.  At one point, we even had a lake form in what is now our courtyard!  However, as it always does in Tuscany, the sun began to shine and our amazing team of contractors and landscapers pulled off the impossible.  It wasn’t long before Fonte Martino was ready to welcome our first guests.

fonte martino courtyard after

After: The new Italian Courtyard at dusk…

We can truly say that we have met so many amazing and wonderful people over the past few months!  So many of our guests have touched our hearts and we’re very happy that many of them stayed in touch with us.  The comments we received about Fonte Martino have been so humbling and we were at a loss for words so many times.  We have been told that it is one of the most relaxing, healing, serene, and beautiful places our guests have ever visited.  We knew Fonte Martino was someplace special for us, but to be told this by our guests makes it feel very special.

We have welcomed guests from all over the world: South Africa, Germany, Austria, the US, Canada, France, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Dubai, Switzerland, Belgium, and Australia…just to name a few!  Meeting so many wonderful people has truly been the best part of running a bed and breakfast here in Montepulciano.

For Fonte Martino, the 2020 season has already started.  We have welcomed our first guests of the year and we are delighted that our suites are reserving quickly.  We look forward to welcoming many returning and new guests this year!

So, over the past few months, we can only say how truly grateful we are for so many things.  We are grateful for our family and friends who continue to support us.  We are grateful for our contractors and landscapers who helped create such a special place.  We are so grateful for our amazing guests who have visited us from all over the world.  And finally, we are so grateful to have a beautiful piece of Tuscany that we call home…