Fonte Martino Renovation Jackhammer Walls

Jackhammer vs. Walls

Sorry it’s been a while since our last post…we were visiting Fonte Martino to see how the renovation was going.  There is still a lot of our story to tell before we arrive to present day (David is rolling his eyes because I can draw out a story), so to recap where we are: We officially purchased Fonte Martino on February 14, 2017 – Valentine’s Day, so you know it will be filled with love!  We have returned from our visit in February 2017 and would soon learn that the next few months would be very eventful.

Before we chat about the renovation, there is something very exciting that we would love to tell you about, but we must sadly keep it a secret…for now!  Let’s just say that there is something that we had the privilege to be a part of, but for now, we must keep you in suspense!  Be sure to watch our blog or social media for updates – this is something you will not want to miss!

Fonte Martino Spaceman Renovation

The “Spaceman” sandblasting our Fireplace at Fonte Martino

March, April, and May of 2017 were filled with many emails and Skype calls between us, our architect Maurizio, and our piccola scimmia Cristina.  The plans were all coming together for the main house renovations, the first of three phases we would undertake.

Much to our delight, renovations officially started on the main house June 1, 2017.  What an exciting time to actually see – though only through photographs – the progress being made.  Our dream was officially becoming a reality!  The demolition has begun to make way for new floors, new kitchen, new doors and windows – virtually every inch of the main house would be transformed!

One of the most surprising parts of the renovation was the fascinating construction methods used on a house made of solid stone.  We recently renovated our home in the US and although there are complexities, walls are constructed with wood studs and drywall.  When working on renovating a house that is a few hundred years old and made of solid

Fonte Martino Second Floor Renovation

Renovation of our 2nd floor

stone, things are very different and far more complex.

The speed in which the workers can take down a wall, move doorways, and construct new walls was impressive.  It was very fascinating to see jackhammers being used to chisel channels in the stone walls to run electric and plumbing.  This was something we never saw before and quite honestly, was a little unnerving.  However, we knew Fonte Martino was in good hands with Maurizio and his highly skilled team.

As previously mentioned, we were watching/hearing about all of this from our home in the US.  Our excitement was growing because we would be visiting Fonte Martino at the beginning of July.

What would we find?  How would it look? Our trip can’t come soon enough…