Lavender planted along the driveway

42 Lavender plants planted along the driveway…

Ciao Amici!  So much is happening at Fonte Martino, it’s truly wonderful!  Even though it’s only February, Spring has sprung and we are having lovely warmer days filled with lots of sunlight.

Valentine’s Day is a special day full of love and not to mention, Toby’s mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!).  Also, on this day two years ago, Fonte Martino officially became ours and we have poured our love into our home!  It’s really humbling and at the same time amazing seeing the changes that our little piece of Tuscany has gone through.  We are having the time of our lives and to that, we say Happy Birthday Fonte Martino!

Greenhouse seeds planted

Over 440 Vegetable, herb, and flower seeds planted in our greenhouse…

This past week, we have officially begun using the greenhouse and have more than 440 seeds germinating with more to come!  So far, we have three types of tomatoes, four different types of peppers, eggplant, herbs, and flowers including impatiens and marigolds…the garden is going to be so lovely!  In addition, we also planted 42 lavender plants along a new railing that lines a section of our driveway.  Image arriving at Fonte Martino and being greeted with a sea of purple flowers and the amazing scent of lavender in the air – we can’t wait for the blooms!

Work officially begins in about a week and a half on our pool and we have decided to change things up a little.  Instead of choosing a traditional rectangular shape, we decided to go with a more natural design, which is called a “laghetto”.  This new design compliments the Tuscan countryside by blending into the landscape.  Trying to be as sustainable as possible, the laghetto uses new technology to filter and maintain the water without the use of chlorine.  We were pretty impressed with this new method and it complements our goal of minimal environmental impact.  If you would like to see a rendering of our pool, complete with a hydromassage area, please take a look at our Accommodations page.

Cortona and Siena Suite Construction

Hand-crafted wood beams being installed…

Speaking of accommodations, the Cortona and Siena Suites are progressing wonderfully.  The concrete work has been completed for the walls and floors and this week, the team is busy installing the hand-crafted ceiling beams.  After the beams are completed, the roof will be installed to create an amazing terrace to relax and enjoy the panoramic views of Montepulciano.

David, being the more organized of the two of us, has been busy at work sourcing the final items needed for the suites.  Just today, he was communicating with one of our vendors finalizing the design touches of the fireplaces for the suites.  Imagine entering your suite on a brisk day and being greeted with a warm fireplace open on three sides.  How romantic…

David and Toby as babies

Aren’t we cute???

The next few months will bring many more changes to Fonte Martino.  The suites will be completed, the pool installed, and the landscaping planted, all just in time for us to welcome our first guests in May…so exciting!

Finally, if we could ask a small favor.  We would love if you could help spread the word that we are now accepting reservations.  Please feel free to share our story with your friends, family, and through social media.  After all, it is Valentine’s Day and we are kind of sweet…how can you say no to these two faces???