Chocolate, Flags, and More Renovations…

Almond Blossoms at Fonte Martino... Ciao a tutti! Spring has sprung in beautiful Tuscany and it is wonderful to see nature waking up from its slumber.  Our new cherry and almond trees are in full bloom and the seedlings in the greenhouse continue to amaze.  The marigolds and alyssum are already flowering and the [...]

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Happy Birthday Fonte Martino!

42 Lavender plants planted along the driveway... Ciao Amici!  So much is happening at Fonte Martino, it’s truly wonderful!  Even though it’s only February, Spring has sprung and we are having lovely warmer days filled with lots of sunlight. Valentine’s Day is a special day full of love and not to mention, Toby’s mom’s [...]

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Fonte Martino Plum Preserves…

Our Plums at Fonte Martino... Ciao amici! If you read our last blog, you know that we are now permanently living in Bella Italia and have been here since the end of May.  Since then, we have been working hard to settle in and there has also been some good progress on the renovations [...]

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My Dad…

Snow in Tuscany... Hello Everyone! Our apologies for being absent for a while but we’ve been moving to our new home – Fonte Martino!  We’ll write about that experience soon… As with Toby’s blog about his Mom, although we write the blogs together, we are going to break from that and David is going [...]

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My Mom…

Mom and me in Cortona, Italy... We want to thank everyone again for the overwhelming support and feedback on our House Hunters International episode, “The Full Montepulciano”.  We are currently preparing for our exciting and surreal move to Tuscany in less than two weeks!  We promise to post lots of updated photos of the [...]

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Caterina Meets Montepulciano…

Remember, our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is coming April 12th!  Please make sure you watch our blog and social media so you don’t miss out on the news about our secret project we have been working on! The Three Amici: Toby, David, and Cathy... We mentioned in our last blog post that our dear friend Cathy, [...]

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An Italian Dinner We Almost Didn’t Remember

Truffle Pasta - A Perfect Italian Dinner... During our visit in July 2017, we were honored to receive an invitation for an Italian dinner at Cristina’s parents’ home along with some family friends.  We have seen many Italian movies where there is a mix of family and friends laughing and eating around a large [...]

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